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Temeljne raziskave slovenske kulturne preteklosti
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1 January 2015–31 December 2021
P6-0052 (A)

The core contents of the research program cover basic tasks from the "Natural and Cultural Heritage" program of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which were taken up by the institure. These tasks are: the recording and publication of sources (documents, ledgers, notary books, town charters, correspondence of important people, etc.) for Slovene history since antiquity; historical topography of the Slovene lands in the Middle Ages, covering the collection, identification and placement of place names on the territory of Slovenia for the period (from antiquity) to 1500 AD; long-term oriented, partially interdisciplinary research into the economic, social, cultural and political history, history of everyday life of the Slovenes, with the aim of synthesizing the existing understanding of global themes, which are: measures, money, banking, traffic, crafts, trade, etc.; agrarian and non-agrarian conditions, feudal estates, castles, nobility, peasantry, towns and townspeople, the church, monasteries, the clergy, etc.; literacy, education, religion, the history of historiography, etc.; political relations and conditions, ethnic and other (self) identification; lifestyles, leisure, etc.

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Agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije


written source • historical topography • historical geography • economic history • social and cultural history • political history • history of everyday life • Middle Ages • modern period • contemporary history