Avstrijski in jugoslovanski državni problem. Tri razprave Janka Brejca iz prelomnega obdobja narodne zgodovine

Edited by: Andrej Rahten
Year: 2012

Politician and lawyer Dr. Janko Brejc (1869–1934) played an important role both in the time of Austria-Hungary, when as the leader of Carinthian Slovenes he spearheaded the struggle for the Slovene language in schools and public offices and in the period of overthrow. After the disintegration of the Habsburg Monarchy, he was a representative of the National Government of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs in Ljubljana and then the President of its successor, the Provincial Government for Slovenia. In the book Avstrijski in jugoslovanski državni problem [The Austrian and Yugoslav State Problem], his biographer Andrej Rahten collected and assessed the significance of three Brejc’s discussions from the crucial period of national history.

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Brejc, Janko
Carinthia (Austria)
national issue
peace conferences
political history
Slovenian politicians
World War 1914-1918
Yugoslav Union


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