On the Eve of the Great War

Political Concepts, Conspiracies and Theories

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December 18, 2013 at 10:00
Prešernova dvorana SAZU, Novi trg 4, pritličje


On the centenary of archduke Franz Ferdinand's last birthday the Milko Kos Historical Institute is organising an international scientific conference. 

The meeting is the first in a series of similar events, which will be held in the following four years in order to commemorate the comming centenaries of the Great War (the Sarajevo assasination, Italy's entry into the war, the opening of the Soča/Isonzo front ...).

You are kindly infivited to attend.



10:00 OTO LUTHAR Opening address  
10:15 PETRA SVOLJŠAK Welcoming remarks  
10:30 ARNOLD SUPPAN Was Austria-Hungary condemned to fail?
  Coffe break    
11:15 MICHAEL EPKENHANS: Germany and the Origins of the Great War
11:45 MARTIN BAYER The Unsurprising Surprise of Total War
12:15 DAMIJAN GUŠTIN The Issue of the War in Europe and War Planning in the Early 20th Century  
12:45 ANDREJ RAHTEN The Backgrounds and Circumstances of Žibert's Conspiracy Theory
13:15 Discussion and closing remarks  

Conference flyer with programme: on_the_eve


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The event is backed by Pošta Slovenije (Slovenian Post).

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