Boris Golec, PhD
  • Assistant Professor
  • Head of the Institute of Contemporary History Administrative Board
  • Editor of the Thesaurus memoriae series (Ljubljana)
  • Member of Arhivi Review (Ljubljana) Editorial Board
  • Member of Ekonomska i ekohistorija review (Zagreb–Samobor) Advisory Board
  • Member of Podravina review (Samobor) Advisory Board
  • Member of Slovenian National Museum Advisory Board
  • Member of the Ministry for Culture of Republic of Slovenia Commission for Archival Activities



Areas of research

Boris Golec focuses primarily on the comparative history of towns and market towns in Slovenian lands and on issues in the field of cultural history. In addition, he researches and publishes older administrative documents in Slovenian language. His primary working environments are archives in Slovenia and the three bordering countries. His bibliography contains two scinetific monographies, eleven contributions in scinetific monographies and around thirty articles in academic journals.

Collaboration in research programmes

  • Basic Research in Slovene Cultural Past

Collaboration in research projects

  • Archival Sources for Urban and Architectural History of Slovenian Lands (16th to 19th century)
  • Electronic Text Centre with Multimedia Communication
  • Elenchus Fontium Historiae Slovenicae Urbanae. – Editions of Selected Sources for Slovenian Urban History
  • Unknown Manuscripts of 17th and 18th Century Slovenian Literature: IT Supported Register, Original Research Presentations and Analyses

Educational activity

  • Archival science I, Faculty of Arts, Department of History, University of Ljubljana
  • Archival science II, Faculty of Arts, Department of History, University of Ljubljana