Basic information
Original title:
Arhivski viri za urabnistično in arhitekturno zgodovino na Slovenskem (16.–19. stoletje)
Researchers involved:
Metoda Kemperl PhD
Matej Klemenčič PhD
Ines Unetič
Dejan Zadravec PhD
1 February 2008–30 January 2011
J6-0622 (B)

The architectural history of individual church and secular buildings that are regarded important cultural monuments (including those of national significance) and the history of urbanism in towns and markets in Slovenia have been insufficiently explored. This fact is particularly evident when a certain building is to be presented to the expert or general public or studied for conservation or reconstruction purposes. All available archival sources about a relevant building must be explored, as well as fieldwork and sounding carried out. But in Slovene historiography and art history, this approach to monuments has been mostly neglected.
The proposed research project will entail the surveying, cataloguing and analysing of archival documents connected with the architectural history of numerous aristocratic residences, church buildings and urban development of towns and markets in the territory of the present-day Republic of Slovenia, dating from the period between the 16th and the end of the 19th century. The presentation will feature documents facilitating a comprehensive insight into the architectural history of relevant buildings and special attention will be paid to archival sources describing the lives and lifestyles of their owners.
During fieldwork several surveys will be carried out (covering architectural history, an art historical description, definition of architectural styles, the description of the present-day and former function of the building, influence of the owner or donator on the type and style of the building, and a list of architects and other associates) on as many buildings as possible, particularly important cultural monuments and those that will be rebuilt in the near future. This is the only way of ensuring quality renovation of certain monuments and it will facilitate the definition of a new function of the building if necessary.
Research results will be regularly published in scientific magazines and monographs, and presented at symposiums and exhibitions (in association with archive institutions). Special attention will be paid to the posting of commentaries about archival sources and studies on a special internet portal.

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Project manager


Research centre of Slovenian academy of sciences and arts

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Slovenian research agency