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Castles are the segment of the Slovenian cultural heritage that has been highly overlooked and relatively poorly researched. The impact of the careless attitude of authorities and the public have had devastating impact on castles, leading to the decay of many of them. The books published in Castellologica Slovenica comprise transdisciplinary studies into individual castles, discussing their history, architecture, owners, their roles and significance in the past. The series has been conceived to encourage transdisciplinary and team research into Slovenian castles, thereby offering contextual support for planning new programs for their preservation and revitalisation. The studies encourage the authorities and authorised institutions to change their policy, offer sustainable solutions for castle preservation and protect castles in Slovenia. Moreover it increases awareness of Slovenian public and contribute towards better understanding of their significance in Slovenian past, their importance for Slovenian cultural landscape and their role in the national historical memory.


Grad Turjak
Castellologica Slovenica 2

Edited by: Mija Oter Gorenčič, Renata Komić Marn, Miha Preinfalk
Year: 2020
Dvorec Betnava
Castellologica Slovenica 1

Edited by: Franci Lazarini, Miha Preinfalk
Year: 2018

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