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First World War: a historical memory and an admonishment


The research porject is dedicated to the centennial of the outbreak of the World War I. Its primary aim is to assess Slovenian intrepretations of the causes for the global conflict in which the Great Powers entangled themselves as the mechanisms of the Concert of Europe failed. Special attention will be given to the problematic of the Yugoslav question at the eve of the World War I and the circumstances that led to the Sarajevo assassination. The memory of the assassination of the Habsburg heir presumptive is at the same time an admonishment about the aggressivness of nationalisms. The project will therefore also evaluate the extent of Slovenian historical mamory of World War I and its consequences.


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Research Project

sarajevski atentat
jugoslovansko vprašanje
Franc Ferdinand
Kraljevina Srbija
Habsburška monarhija
vojaška zgodovina
diplomatska zgodovina
First World war

Research Fields
Sodobna zgodovina (od leta 1914) H250