The collection Studia diplomatica Slovenica, compiled by the Coordination Committee for the Research of Diplomatic History, is issued in three series – Fontes, Monographiae and Personae. The first one is intended for the publishing of sources, documents and diplomatic acts on the broader diplomatic history of the Slovenian territory as well as Central and Southeastern Europe. The second one is dedicated to discussions of Slovenian authors in the field of diplomatic studies. The third one presents biographies of important Slovenian diplomats who worked in the diplomatic services of the former multinational states of which the Slovenian territory was part – the Habsburg Monarchy, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Socialist Yugoslavia. The collection is co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.



Studia diplomatica Slovenia – Fontes (2007–)
ISSN: 1855-9174
Studia diplomatica Slovenica
Velikih pet in nastanek Kraljevine Srbov, Hrvatov in Slovencev
Les Cinq Grands et la création du Royaume des Serbes, Croates et Slovènes
Studia diplomatica Slovenica Fontes 2

Edited by: Andrej Rahten, Janez Šumrada
Year: 2011
Studia diplomatica Slovenia – Monographiae (2010–)
ISSN: 1855-9190
Studia diplomatica Slovenica
On the Eve of the Great War
Political concepts, conspiracies and theories
Studia diplomatica Slovenica Monographiae 3

Edited by: Gregor Antoličič, Andrej Rahten, Petra Svoljšak
Year: 2015
20 let članstva Slovenije v Združenih narodih
Studia diplomatica Slovenica Monographiae 2

Edited by: Božo Cerar, Andrej Kirn, Marcel Koprol
Year: 2012
Zunanja politika
Osnove teorije in praksa
Studia diplomatica Slovenica Monographiae 1

Author: Ernest Petrič
Year: 2010
Studia diplomatica Slovenia – Personae (2009–)
ISSN: 1855-9182
Studia diplomatica Slovenica
Izidor Cankar
Diplomat dveh Jugoslavij
Diplomat of Two Yugoslavias
Studia diplomatica Slovenica Personae 2

Author: Andrej Rahten
Year: 2009

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