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Elenchus fontium historiae Slovenicae urbanae. – Edition of the Selected Sources for the Slovene Urban History.


The planned research project is based on fact that scientific editions of significant sources are among the essential tasks of science of every nation as an indispensable foothold of historical scientific researching of the past. The project group will prepare the Slovene segment to the widely conceived project of the International commission for the history of towns (Commission internationale pour l'histoire des villes), established at the International congress of historical sciences in 1955 in Rome with the intention to join together researchers of history of towns, facilitate their mutual contacts, and in long-term ensure the publication of some fundamental editions of sources among which the Elenchus fontium historiae urbanae was ranked as essential. This was to be scientific edition of selected, key sources for early periods of the history of medieval towns in European states. The project wishes to place Slovenia alongside those European states that have with such publications already enriched their treasuries of achievements in the field of historiography. The project itself means rudimentary work on manuscript sources as the only ones that can offer new knowledge, and at the same time encourages further research studies on the history of Slovene urban past, which is as yet underfed, and its transference to pedagogical practice at all education levels.


Research Project

tipologija mest
edicija virov
the Middle Ages

Research Fields
Zgodovina srednjega veka H220
Novejša zgodovina (približno do leta 1800) H230